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2012 -Garden

a few of the 35 chickens who live here

2012 - Chicks

Fluffy the Cat
Buck, our sweet spoiled farm dog



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  1. Hey there. I wanted to post this under "My Life" but there was no comment box. Question for you - where did you get the stat that Scotts Bluff Country (where I was raised) is 84% dirt roads? I'd never thought of it before and I'm sure it's true and I think it's a marvelous stat that I'd like to requote at some point. Thanks!

    1. Hi Court, Thanks for your question! I found the info here:

      "We only have jusrisdiction of 810 miles of County gravel roads and 160 miles of County paved roads, the balance of roads in the County may be State of Nebraska, City or Village roads."

      simple math puts that at 84% (not counting city or village streets... hmmm, I may have to restate that properly on my page.)

    2. Cool - that's just one of those stats that really puts rural life in perspective, no? Thanks.

  2. My compliments! I just love your blog! Keep up the great work and best wishes to you and your family!



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