Saturday, October 20, 2012

2012 Summer Farmer's Market Season

We had a fantastic time at the Farmer's Market this weekend, as it was likely our last (there is one more, but I'm not sure we can attend).

This season we focused on selling eggs and baked goods. Mayda sold out of her sugar cookies, and Wyatt sold plenty of Doggie Treats. I didn't sell too many Biscotti or Scones (pictured), but the Banana Bread was gone in a flash. :) And the Granola ALWAYS sells well!

 Here were a few of our market neighbors. (I didn't get a picture of everyone)

Wind Harvest Farm

Our Booth

Kethera's Cookies

Victory Hill Farm

The Cupcakery

The weather was amazing and there was a parade downtown to boot, and sine it went right by the market the kids had a front row seat. Emma took these fun pictures of the parade (plus about 80 more):

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