Friday, May 4, 2012

Spring has sprung!

flowers from my girls

Planting is underway around here. This evening the tractor headlights show through the picture windows as the neighbors are planting the corn across the road. The garden is coming up nicely:


lettuce planted with radishes and cucumbers


The old fallen branches and piles of corn husks have been burned off. The entire valley smells of smoke as the farmers burn the ditches clean so the water can flow again from the canal. With so little rain, the irrigation season is sure to begin soon.
 ...and the flowers are blooming...

4 O'clocks sprouting

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  1. Spring has definately come to us in Pennsylvania also. Despite a very dry April, this first week of May has brought the needed rain and things are looking really good.
    Thank you for posting - great pictures of the new flowers!


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