Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Falling In Love At The Laundromat

I just wanted to post to let everyone know my computer is still broken, but I am still here... Meaningful blog posting is challenging from a smartphone.

Today Wyatt and I were at the laundromat. Between the post-company bedding change, spring cleaning, and all the sorting I've been doing in the basement... Somehow I've gotten 20 + loads behind in my laundry. This is something that neither my schedule, my washing machine, nor my septic system can handle in any kind of short order.

So today I packed my clothes... and I fell in love with a super washer that can wash 6 loads in only 22 minutes. Sadly I filled three of those!

It really does feel like cheating.

I almost have hubby convinced to get one. ;)

In the mean time I have a bunch of great blog posts floating around in my head. The Bible in a year reading has been so awesome and timely lately! Hopefully this week I will stumble through installing my new hard drive successfully. Prayers appreciated!


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