Thursday, December 20, 2012

DIY Wire Christmas Wreath Base

Ever wonder how to make a Christmas wreath from fresh greens without having to shell out $6 for a wire wreath base from the craft store?

All you need is:

  • a wire hanger, 
  • and a length of baling wire, 
  • some wire snips 
  • and a pair of pliers. 

First, bend the coat-hanger into a circle, and turn the hook perpendicular to the hoop. Then cut a length of bailing wire to form a loop about 4 inches wider than the hanger. You can cut it a bit long for the next step...

Join the bailing wire at the "neck" of the hanger, by bending over and then twisting backwards.  Then cut about four 5" pieces of baling wire to wrap at intervals around the hoop to ensure it holds the correct spacing all the way around. 

All that's left is to stop by your local Christmas tree lot and buy up all the lower branch trimmings. 




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