Monday, April 16, 2012

waiting for new babies

Sorry, not people babies.

Chicken babies. :) [edit They are HERE!]

Hubby working hard on our new brooder

Hubby worked hard all weekend on our new brooder. I had my worries, as the heat lamps weren't seeming to get it warm enough, but he worked on a bit more this morning, never-giving-up guy he is. I checked this afternoon and it will hold steady at 95 degrees now, just what we need for those new chickies to stay warm. :) ...all 125 of them. I should have never doubted him. Actually 25 will go in the basement brooder, since they are layers and won't mix well with the fryers.

So, now we wait, for a box of little peepers from NM and a bigger box of peepers from IA...

the anticipation of little fuzzy bodies
hardworking hubby
postmaster's who allow me to call and pester about my expectant mail
sunshine and sprinkles of rain
chokecherry blossoms

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