Tuesday, May 15, 2012

One Month Old - Fryer chicks update

One month old on the left, and one week younger on the right.

The Cornish Chicks are one month old today. They have been on the fryer feed (pellets) for about a week now, and have gone through about 3 bags of it so far. Before that, they were on un-medicated chick starter/grower, mostly because it came in "crumbles" and they couldn't eat big pellets yet. I have a set of chicks that is exactly one week younger, and they are still on the crumbles. Hopefully everyone (except the layer chicks) will be off crumbles by the end of the week.

Don't forget, here they were about 10 days ago:

chick on right is 19 days old (other is 7 days younger)
and the week before that:

chick on the left is 12 days old (other is 7 days younger)   

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