Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Tomatoes 2011 - Mostly Roma, Salsa!

Last year we pretty much only planted roma tomatoes, as I didn't have time to trellis them. They produced very well, and I made a LOT of salsa. I LOVE roma tomatoes because they are compact, but high yielding, as well as very easy to blanch and peel.

romas, interplanted with onions and carrots

As I sadly retrieved the last 3 jars of salsa from the basement, I pray they will last until this summer's crop... but not likely. :) Here's my favorite salsa mix.

zucchini - tomato salsa
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Today I'm thankful for #50-54
Mild weather predicted for the next week
sprouting grass
sprouting spinach
Wyatt sleeping all night
waking up early

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