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30 Days of Thankfulness in November

I've been counting my blessings for a while. My gratitude journal is numbered up through #764. For November I tried to post one blessing each day (or more) on my facebook account. Are you counting your blessings?

My Novemeber 2013 thankfulness count (#765-794)

November 1, thankful for His mercies, new every morning.

Day 2, thankful for a friendly phone call yesterday, lifting my spirits.

Day 3, thankful for the body of Christ, which doesn't even fit in a building.

Day 4, thankful for rain on my windows... winter rain is never so fun as summer rain. Lighting up the pellet stove. #warmlyblessed

Day 5: Today's thankful from Wyatt: "I'm thankful we get more light in the morning!"

Day 6, thankful for my lovely husband. I adore that guy.

Day 7: Thankful that God is in control of it all. He's much better at it.

Day 8: today I'm thankful for unsung heroes, people who move mountains behind the scenes, go above and beyond what is asked of them, put in hours and hours of effort after the lights are out and the doors are locked. You do more than the minimum, you show up when others skip out, lift up others instead of trying to "get ahead". You know who you are, and just because most of the people you serve have no idea, it's ok, because your treasures are being laid up in heaven.  (praising God for each of you by name this morning)

Day 9, thankful for my family. Many hands make light work. Glad this crew knows how to work it!

Day 10: Today I'm thankful for the sane thoughtful people God put in my life to help me talk it through and figure it all out. Many people, but specifically Benjamin Leggott and Jessica King.

Day 11, thankful for all of our veterans, including my grandpa Virgil King. I Was missing him yesterday. He always loved celebrating veterans day. Thankful for the wonderful living veterans and soldiers in my life too. David King, Joel King, Nicholas Wohlers, Stephanie Merrifield, Gary Thomalla, Michael Blue, just to name a few... Thank you all for serving.

Day 12, thankful for the support of family, so I could run off and Doula one more time. So thankful God made the birth process so perfectly and amazing.

Day 12 part 2, thankful for God knowing needs and meeting them before we even ask. Also, thankful for the privilege of knowing and living near my grandparents. Got to paint my grandma's nails today.

Day 13, thankful for friends who step in and help, and for the children getting to meet the author, Jan Brett.

Day 14, thankful for my little post office job and the sweet people I meet there. Also for my hubby fixing my washing machine. And for the fact that my mom taught me what a gerund is, making 6th grade English not too scary for me to teach this morning. Also, thankful to enjoy a house full of friends tonight. Love and appreciate each one of you!  (and chocolate cake) Thanks for helping me have a great party Patina McKeehan!

Day 15: Thankful for my spunky wonderful Grandma Bettie King, who is 87 today! The angelfood cake is in the oven! (since we ate devilsfood cake last night, lol!) Thankful for CAKE. Love that stuff. (Yes, you can tell by looking at me, heheheheh)

Day 16: thankful that my son and hubby enjoy the sport of hunting together. Praising God that our whole family loves venison.  (hope we get some)

Day 17: Thankful for the deer that Ben was able to harvest, and the privilege of cutting it up just the way I like it to put in the freezer for this winter. I'm pretty picky about my wild game.  Also, thankful for my Sunday school class this morning, so many young men Tyler's age sitting in an adult class with their parents. (6 boys all-together). Awesome.

Day 18, thankful for our Awana kids and their generosity! It's looks like the club will be packing at least 85 shoeboxes for Operation Christmas Child on Wednesday! (they raised $785 in total!)

Day 19: thankful for the beautiful weather today. It was a gift.

Day 20 tonight I'm thankful for friends who give and serve beyond measure. But if you could measure it, it would probably fill 111 shoe-boxes.

Day 21, thankful for the nice people I am getting to know through my job, and for the warm house and family to come home to.

Day 22, thankful for a warm house, and that Tyler *just* got his deer!

Day 23, thankful for my hubby: kid chauffeur-ing, bountiful basket collecting, car fixing, tag teaming, wonderful guy!

Day 24, thankful for fellowship! Hanging out at the church from 7:30am till 3:45 (two services/cooking all morning for the college age thanksgiving meal/ loading up the 111 shoeboxes the awana kids packed/ decorating the church for Christmas), chapel with my grandma after that. It was a great day.

Day 25, Thankful for my sister Jessica King, her voice is is a gift from God, she rocked her voice recital today. More than that, her kind and encouraging words lift me up. We are so blessed to have her here!

Day 26, thankful for 3,719 Operation Christmas Child shoeboxes packed by our local community.

Day 27, thankful for a well equipped kitchen and the food that fills it. Thankful for Bountiful Baskets and the fun things we get there. Thankful for coconut cream pie (from scratch), pumpkin pie, shoofly pie, and pumpkin cream cheese muffins.

Day 28, thankful for family, near and far. For memories of Thanksgivings with my cousins, grandparents (some who are no longer with us), Thanksgiving birthday parties, and pecan pie and hiking adventures. Thankful that God blessed us with so many loved ones to love, and friends old and new to fill out the table.

Thankful for small town hospitality! Got a phone call from the Safeway meat department because they were worried I didn't get my Thanksgiving turkey.  I had called and reserved one on Saturday and picked it up Monday, but evidently the meat guy that day didn't give me the one with my name on it. So thoughtful!

Day 29 Thankful today for my morning date shopping and breakfast with Emma.

Day 30 thankful for preparing my home for Christmas, my favorite time of the year. The whole world celebrating the coming of my Lord and Savior.

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