Tuesday, May 29, 2012

May Joy Dare Week 4

Counting my blessings #174-201

holy experience

May 21 - 3 gifts found in little people.

  • Tyler's first baseball game
  • Emma's second softball game
  • Mayda and Wyatt cheering for their siblings
Tyler, just before a ball struck him in the knee. OUCH!

May 22 - 3 gifts that made you laugh

  • My son singing "This Little Light of Mine" as the lights came on at the ball-field, right after an adult made a crude remark.
  • my silly chickens needing put to bed by hand
  • my husband :)

May 23 - Three gifts found in community (Ok, 4. It was a long day)

  • spending the wee hours at the ER with my grandma, and getting good care to see her safely home and in bed by 4am
  • living in the same town as my sister-in-law and being able to help with kids in a pinch
  • a hidden community of prayer warriors for a friend's health battle
  • a community of homeschoolers, enjoying a local art exhibit

May 24 - a gift in a plate, a pot, and a package

  • a plate of grilled steak
  • A pot of good potato corn chowder 
  • A package of birthday surprise sent off in the mail.

May 25 - 3 gifts hard giving thanks for

  • grandma falling again, but thankful she wasn't badly hurt
  • surprise guests, who are gracious about my mess
  • not being enough, in myself alone, but knowing He is made strong through my weakness 

May 26 - a gift worn, white, whispered

  • worn, a new sweater
  • white, the marble marker where my grandpa's memory rests
  • whispered, grief and "I love you" at a graveside moment 

May 27 - 3 gifts found in church

  • Scripture revealed anew as we open it together, 
  • again, 
  • and again... never old.

May 28 - 3 gifts in today's work

May 29 - gifts at 8am, 12pm, 8pm

  • 8 am, Ben doing my morning chores for me
  • 12 pm, an unexpected call from my mom
  • 8 pm - enjoying perfect weather for a ballgame, while a rain-cloud in the distance makes the BEST sunset.

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  1. Thanks for sharing your joys :) I too am counting and God has used this daily practice to change my outlook. Glory!


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