Sunday, May 20, 2012

May Joy Dare Week 3

This week on the path to life-long gratitude, I didn't stick with the list of gifts to look for. But this week was so full of blessings, it was easy to find at least three a day. :)

May 15: 3 gifts God has placed in me:
#147 life abundant,
#148 joy overflowing,
#149 peace beyond understanding. Praise him!
#150 Emma's first softball game, a win! 21 to 9. So proud of my girl

May 16:
#151 free time when a game as cancelled. 
#152 a field trip I thought we would miss, we were able to attend. The kids had a great time at the Wildcat hills
#153 a frozen-food delivery man who knows I love bomb-pops and brought us some. :)

May 17: 
#154 a bill mostly paid. 
#155 visits with grandma and all the extra grandparents we "adopt" at the nursing home. Wyatt now talks about getting "new grandmas" :) I LOVE that my kids love the elderly. 
#156 showing up at the nursing home just in time for karaoke. Watching my girls jump right in and sing "this little light of mine" with the microphone and a crowd of elderly fans.
#157 singing Patsy Cline with my grandma. 
#158 my silly broody hen

May 18: 
#159 a Friday with my hubby. 
#160 a LOT accomplished in the yard. The chickens now have a new play-yard. (picture post soon!)
#161 getting to visit with a friend. Sharing the blessings of children, gardening, and homeschooling.
May 19: 

#162 Free Park and Fish Day
#163 catching lots of fish with other home school families at the lake. Our first successful 4-H outing for our new club. 

#164 an impromptu lunch date with friends, sharing the abundance of fish and garden fresh salad
#165 a retirement party for a friend, celebrating 34 years of dedication. Working as unto the Lord.  
#166 a brisk hike in the hills.
#167 my sister graduating from Bible school

May 20
#168 The chickens enjoying their new yard, even if we did have to coax them into it, one at a time... all 100 of them.
#169 A wonderful Sunday school class. The Word of God breathing life into us.
#170 a visit from a neighbor who lived in our farmhouse as a young boy in the 1950's Telling stories of coal furnaces, barn parties, and showing us which was his old bedroom. I LOVE hearing about my sweet old house.
#171 Another visit to grandma, for Chapel services, and to hem up her slacks. 
#172 Seeing a young friend who was having a birthday and getting to hug her.
#173 feeling good and old, knowing I had taught that young lady in Sunday school once upon a time.

holy experience

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