Monday, October 15, 2012

October Blessings Pt. 3

holy experience


October 9: 3 gifts praised for

October 10: 3 hard eucharisteo

  • losing my voice (the aftereffects of a cold)
  • disappointments
  • shortcomings

October 11: 3 gifts of change

  • watching a heart much prayed for, slowly changing
  • watching the leaves on the trees, slowly change
  • watching temperatures drop as the seasons change (something I appreciate ever since we moved back from Florida)

from June 2007

October 12: Small, Smaller, Smallest

  • Small hurdles in homeschooling, 
  • Smaller order of bread delivered, 
  • Smallest rocking chair (a gift from a friend)
  • Helping dear friends moving overseas for the cause of Christ
  • Watching the Body of Christ come together, regardless of what church they attend

from June 2007
October 13: 3 gifts read

  • RAIN! 
  • The blessing of seeing a friend accomplish a hard goal

October 14: 3 gifts said

  • Truth, spoken in love
  • Good advice from an on-call doctor
  • "I love you!"

October 15: 3 gifts re-read

  • Old blog posts (see the attached pictures)
  • His mercies (new every morning)
  • A favorite recipe

  • A hubby who can fix things (namely my van)
  • A bucket full of eggs
  • Beautiful fall weather
  • School back on track
  • Kids who love their devotions
  • A memorization goal reached, another on its way

from June 2007

Join us in counting our blessings? Over at A Holy Experience...



  1. Hi, what a fun format to record your gifts. I'm popping over from Ann's link up. Those hard eucharisteo gifts are harder to count too... May your voice come back quickly. :)

    Have a lovely day from a beautiful sunny MN Tuesday,
    Jennifer Dougan

  2. Sweet list of gifts! God is so good!

  3. What a great list! We live in Florida and I miss the change of seasons. Enjoyed visiting here today from


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