Wednesday, November 28, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness in November, Pt. 3


"That “God is good” is not a stale one-liner when all’s  happy but a saving lifeline when all’s hard." - Ann Voskamp

Giving Thanks because God is good:

November 15th:

  • My Grandma turned 86 today. 
  • Having the opportunity to love and be loved by my grandparents, living here in my hometown. I've been blessed to spend quality time with all 4 of them... and am enjoying the special moments with the last one living, Grandma Bettie.

November 16th:

  • Tyler shot his very first deer, and as a mom, I just got a lot older!

November 17th:

  • Farmer's Market, the first winter market of the season.
  • A baby shower for some dear friends.
  • Relationships that go deeper.

November 18th:

  • Fellowship with believers.
  • Sharing recipes with a friend.
  • Chapel with my Grandma.

November 19th:

November 20th:

  • Sharing the burden of doctor visits and appointments with my dear sister, Marcy.

November 21st:

  • Baking for Thanksgiving:

November 22: Thanksgiving Day: a day to count our blessings, not once a year, but year round.
Happy Thanksgiving dear ones!

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