Monday, October 22, 2012

October Blessings Pt. 4

holy experience

(#260 - #288)

October 16th:

  • A day to focus
  • Bills paid
  • Rest for a sick child
  • Food from the freezer
  • Catching up with my momma on the phone

October 17: 3 Gifts Ugly/Beautiful

  • A Pig (or half anyway)... in my freezer (picked up my order at the butcher)
  • Ugly Wind didn't stop a lovely field trip
  • Dying Garden

  • Lots of errands run
  • Visit with Grandma
  • Awana

October 18th: Shared, Saved, Surrendered

  • Shared, a Field Trip to Asia
  • Saved hubby a trip to town by picking up something for him
  • Surrendered, worries about future plans
  • Another visit to Grandma
  • Mayda baking for the Alzheimer's Benefit Auction

October 19th: 3 Gifts Unexpected

  • A new client, lovely to meet (not totally unexpected)
  • A day for baking
  • God's provision in a "new" car (a 1977 Chevette!)

October 20th: 3 Gifts Unconventional

  • Beautiful fall weather for the farmer's market, in October, that is unconventional
  • A parade right past the farmer's market, an unexpected treat
  • A quiet evening at home with hubby

October 21st: 3 Gifts Undervalued

  • Corporate worship
  • A kind word or look
  • Time spent serving

October 22nd: Silent, Still, Strong

  • Silent: waiting on a call
  • Still: He asks my heart to be.
  • Strong: My God is Stronger than my struggles

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