Friday, November 30, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness in November - Pt. 4

sculpture of two elk fighting, at Cabelas Store in Sidney

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November 22 (continued):

  • Mother-in-Love cooked for us all.
  • Bringing lots of desserts to share
  • Seeing Great Grandma at the hospital for a nice LONG visit.
  • Seeing an aunt, uncle, and cousins we hadn't seen in a while!
  • Naps after lunch

November 23:

  • No black Friday Shopping, BLISS!
  • Getting to read the kids one of my favorite books: Ransom of Red Chief
  • Enjoying the leftover's of my Mother-in-Love's great cooking
  • Seeing lots more family: Aunt Judy and some cousins!
  • Spending the whole day with my hubby and kids
  • Getting to spend the afternoon with Great Grandma at the hospital
  • Getting to do my morning run around the lake

November 24:

  • Seeing Uncle Marlin, for whom we'd been praying (you can pray too!) about health concerns.
  • Lunch with Great Grandma at the hospital, as well as with Aunt Mary
  • Received word that my great aunt, Elsie Lee, had graduated to Glory. Bittersweet moments.
  • Some family pictures, with a few goofy poses
  • A safe drive home and a spectacular sunset!

November 25:

  • An 80th birthday celebration with the church, LOTS of good food!
  • At the nursing home, a 100th birthday party for my grandma's neighbor.
  • Spending the afternoon at the Heritage Chapel with Grandma Bettie

November 26:
  • The kids had dentist appointments: I'm so thankful for dental insurance!
  • In anticipation of seeing the dentist, and because of the x-rays showing no roots, they lost a record 3 Leggott teeth that day, all pulled themselves! (Tyler lost 2, Emma lost 1)
  • Going for my morning run, even though I didn't feel like it. Never felt like quitting so badly. But I didn't!

November 27:
  • Being able to go to an appointment with my grandma, while Ben kept the kids.
  • Caramel Cappuccino
  • Grace, even with a sick boy
  • Being able to make something beautiful with my sewing machine
  • Arranging flowers for Aunt Elsie Lee's funeral, even though the sick ones means I can't go.

November 28:
  • A friend had her baby!
  • Stay home snuggles with the sick boy
  • Pedialyte
  • Grace from church friends, as they hold together the details at AWANA

November 29th:
  • Boy seemingly feeling better
  • Morning run, weighed in *down* 6 lbs!
  • Getting to puppy-sit.
  • Made some candy wreaths for the Farmer's Market

November 30th
  • Hubby gets to go goose hunting, and got one!
  • Farm fresh eggs for breakfast each morning.
  • Kids who are getting better and more independent with their chores

...and of course, Wyatt is thankful it is DECEMBER tomorrow! He is SOOOO looking forward to Christmas. All of the other kids have really adopted the worldview of Christmas being the time for giving, for blessing, for worship. Wyatt is enamored with Santa, getting, me, me, me... This will be the year to bring him along in learning. As it is with ABC's and counting to 100, so it will be with selfless thinking, wonder and worship... Praising God for the opportunity to disciple my children! Praying for Grace...

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