Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Review: Easy Canvas Prints!

This past couple of weeks I've been whittling down my Christmas gift list for extended family. My husband's folks are always a challenge to shop for. I always want to give them something memorable and unique, as well as something they will like and keep around. They've moved to a new place and I haven't seen it yet, so I knew it would be really hard to find the right thing... until I hit on this. :) Pictures match everything. But framed prints are too simple and easy to really take the Christmas spotlight. Doing a canvas print stepped up my game in just the right ways.

I had the opportunity to review a canvas print from Easy Canvas Prints .Com. I was thrilled! I wanted to do it way back this summer, but alas, I have a terrible time getting everyone together for a picture. Finally, my dad was here visiting, so I "put upon" him to spend part of an afternoon photographing our family. So fun! It was hard to get a serious pose, but we finally did it. Hard part finished, on to make the canvas!

When I say getting the picture was the hard part, I really wasn't kidding. The website made creating my print a snap, and I was done in minutes. I actually played with it for a while so I could see all the features for this review, but really was amazed I could create a simple canvas print so quickly and easily.

I opened up the website and followed these simple steps:

  • Choose the size: I went with 8x10"
  • Choose the thickness: 3/4" is included, but you can choose 1 1/2" wrapped edge, or a frame, for an extra fee
  • Upload your image: making sure the quality is up to par with the size you choose. 
  • Zoom and center your photo: especially since the ratio on the canvas might be different than what your camera takes
  • Choose your border options: I went with mirror image, since I didn't want to zoom in any more
  • Choose your final color and touch-ups: black and white and sepia options are available
  • Add to cart! All through the process, there is a project total price in the upper right corner so you know how the choices you made effect the bottom line. The shipping was free too!

Final product:
I ended up getting two prints for my review, and they came in separate boxes and well packed. The shiping was quite quick! Overall I was VERY happy with the ease of ordering, and with the quality. I would truly recommend you check them out. Also be watching for good coupon deals, as they offer them frequently. (Who doesn't love that?!?!)

Disclaimer: I received two free canvas prints in exchange for my honest review. This review reflects my real thoughts on this product. Feel free to find out more by visiting my Disclosure Page above! ©2012-2013 Loving and Learning on the High Plains. All rights reserved. All text, photographs, artwork, and other content may not be reproduced or transmitted in any form without the written consent of the author. http://www.homeschoolhighplains.blogspot.com

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