Wednesday, November 14, 2012

30 Days of Thankfulness in November Pt. 2

Counting my blessings each day in November; posting every Wednesday this month. Blessings #338-380

November 7:
  • Awana Verses: I am LOVING joining my kids in a Scripture memory challenge. Completed Discovery 1 in my T&T book 1!
  • Finished my Secretary training at Awana, inlcuding reciting 6 verses!
  • Friends who notice/appreciate the extra mile
  • More tote bags to sew!
  • My folks arrived from PA! 
November 8:
  • Surprising Grandma this morning
  • Her appointment went well and she can hear so much better.
  • Lunch with my cousin
  • Hubby being so helpful today with the kids
  • Tyler being willing to catch up on schoolwork after supper
  • Dug up a 1/2 a bushel of potatoes!!! (With my dad's help!)
  • Enjoying watching my parents enjoy their grandkids
November 9th:
  • Home made Cabbage Burgers
  • Having grandma and cousins out to visit for the day
  • Dad and Ben being able to work on cars together
  • A nice warm home as the temperatures drop
November 10th:
  • The Husker's won!!! 
  • The beautiful snow. 
  • Jalapeno/Bacon/Cream-cheese Dip!
  • The beginning of deer season, getting up early to kiss my hunters as they head out.

November 11th:
  • Veteran's Day, spent with my favorite veteran
  • Early service
  • Frigid temps (6 degrees!), but thinking ahead to warm up the car before church
  • A nice warm barn for all our animals
  • Visiting a Sunday school class we hadn't been to, to meet a missionary visitor
  • 4-H awards night, fun with the kids
November 12th:
  • baking an angel food cake with my mom
  • a dozen very fresh eggs to make the cake with, I LOVE having my own chickens
  • a great school morning
  • an evening at home with my Emma, who had a cold, while mom and dad took the other kids to celebrate Grandma's 86th birthday a few days early. (while they were here)
  • A fun rook game with the folks and the kids

feed bags
November 13th: 
  • Bittersweet moments as mom and dad had to return to Pennsylvania
  • One very motivated boy catching up all his schoolwork
  • Getting to drop off a baby shower gift to a friend, even though sick little ones kept me from attending.
  • Free tacos at Taco Johns
  • Hearing my folks arrived safely
  • Finished a special order for a "feed" bag.

November 14th:
  • Emma's cold recovered enough to sing at the Veteran's Home concert
  • Enjoyed the children all sharing the amazing things they have learned this semester in their Patriotism class.
  • Meeting with a doula client, always fun!
  • My sweet hubby helping with the kids, so I could have coffee alone.
  • Accomplished my memorization goals for Awana tonight. 
  • Learning Scripture with my kids.
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