Monday, July 1, 2013

Late Season Fryers

This year we will be taking fryers to the fair. We have some cute layers too, but the fryers will be our bread and butter, pardon the pun. :)

This year only meat birds can go in the auction ring. The 4H auction is where the kids earn the money for caring for their animals all year round. They manage their money, and it's been a GREAT learning experience. In previous years we have auctioned off a pretty looking hen, but this year, the cornish cross get the spotlight.

These chickens have been bred to grow fast, and to make a lot of meat, not for beauty. They routinely outgrow their feathers, just because they grow SO fat and fast. Even so, they are cute in their own way. This year we are raising 10. Last year we had 115 (but earlier in the season, just for meat), so the 10 feel like no work at all. They have become Emma's main chore, and she seems to be loving it.

Read about last year's meat birds (more recent post to oldest):

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