Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Kiddie Parade: Bike Decorating Ideas

This weekend we had our local community fair and all the fun that goes with it. One of my favorite parts is the kiddie parade! Kids dress up in costumes in various themes, or ride parade floats teetering on little wagons. Our kids decided to go with the decorated bicycles category, so of course I jumped on Pinterest for ideas...

And found none. Great and mighty Pinterest has a hole in it's creative "cloud"... decorated bicycles! There were a few really cool pictures of bicycles in adult parades, and there were the several obligatory 4th of July themed bikes with streamers and ribbons. But when it comes to things kids could actually do that were creative and imaginative, nothing. :P

So, for the benefit of all who may want to do something more than streamers and cards in the spokes, here's a few pictures to spark your interest!

Emma: Little Bike on the Prairie

For this one we needed the "wagon" to be elevated, so we used a piece of siding and cut a slit half way up the middle. We put the uncut end on top of her tire, sliding the slit around her seat, then bending the two cut sides to face each-other on the body of the bike, overlapping as they wrapped around the front of the frame and secured with baling wire. The wagon is a box with pex plumbing pipes bent over and secured with wire, and the cover is a feed sack. 


Mayda: Flower Girl

For Mayda's bike we cut a lot of flowers from my front rose bush and flower bed, and secured them with masking tape. This took about 45 minutes to do. :)


Wyatt: Blue Rust-eze

Wyatt wanted a race bike, so we laid it down on cardboard and cut out the shapes of the sides and painted them. In the future I'll leave a bigger opening for the pedals, as half way through the parade he got the pedal stuck under the cardboard and we had to tear a hole. :P You live and learn. He has a blast!


Tyler decided he was too old for this kiddie stuff (*sniff* mama tear here *sniff*), so he sat with my grandma and her nursing home friends and photographed the whole thing. :)

Being on the first part of the parade, we were able to loop around and watch most of it! <3

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