Thursday, July 25, 2013

Summer Reading Program

What did your family do to beat the heat this summer? We used books! Every afternoon when it got too hot to be out and about we would come into the cool house and read. The kids would read to Wyatt until he fell asleep for his nap, and then they would each retreat to their own books for the next couple of hours. It was bliss. :)
Sign up Day!

We had a blast with our local library summer reading program. The kids were really excited to earn all the fun prizes that came with each level of books read. They had all kinds of fun with the "dig into reading" theme. :) Our library does it up so well that there is a line on sign up day! (see above picture).

All total:
  • Tyler read 105 books
  • Emma read 130 books
  • Mayda read 80
  • Wyatt read (or had read to him) 56
They earned free stuff from:
and Dairy Queen 
to name a few. :)

Tonight I attended a free DSLR photography class at our library too. 
Yes, our library rocks.

This Tuesday I'll be joining in a Blog Cruise with the TOS Crew on the topic of "Beat the Heat"! 
Would you join us?


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