Wednesday, April 24, 2013

Homeschool Snow Days

So, everyone knows homeschoolers do school in their PJ's. Actually we don't very often. But another thing that makes us different (as if we weren't before... lol), is that we take our snow days differently. Two of the last weeks we have had late spring snow storms. One was pretty severe, but both left us with a good bit of snow. Thank you Lord for moisture!!!!

So as the snow fell I made cookies and hot chocolate for those coming in from frigid chores. And then I got out the school books. No sense going out in a blizzard, so we had better do school! Every day we would check the school closings, and then get out our books. Then the day came: the public schools were open! The roads were clear, and the good sledding hill was DESERTED. Then we took a snow day!

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