Thursday, April 25, 2013

Frugal Tip: Make your own Sour Cream

This past week I tried something new, home made sour cream. Because I trust the dairy where I obtained my raw milk, I had no trouble souring the cream right on my counter top. For really good instructions on the how and why of home-made sour cream. Please visit this link. :) I couldn't say it better myself, so I won't. (Plus, I'm no expert!) I will say this, the sour cream was SO easy, and so yummy, I will not be buying sour cream at the store again.

How is this frugal? Considering I pay $4 for my milk, and get about a quart of cream each time, I paid about $1 for my quart of sour cream. Generally, a pint of sour cream costs about $2 on a good sale, so I saved 75% making it myself.

Don't have access to raw milk or cream? I tried this one from allrecipes, and it worked just fine. It just didn't taste as yummy as the sour cream from raw. I will use that pint for baking. :)

Wondering what to bake with sour cream? Here's a favorite one from my grandma:


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  1. Sour cream - yummy! Thanks for linking up with Frugal Family.


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