Friday, April 12, 2013

Homeschool Adventures: join us?

Welcome to the launch of a new weekly series,
Adventures Fridays: when learning hits the road!

For the next several Fridays, for as long as I have material to cover, we will be exploring one of my favorite aspects of homeschooling. . . the flexibility to take it with you, and to bring your kids the world. Why Fridays? We schedule our school week so Friday is our day for wiggle room. If all goes well it's a day of adventure and field trips. If it's a bad week, it's a make up day.

Over the past several years of homeschooling, we have had the opportunity to see and visit many wonderful places. Sometimes this means being able to go along on daddy's work trip without missing any school, taking in a major city while visiting family for a wedding, or just taking a day off to be a tourist in our own town. Either way, this is the best part of this education we share, the flexibility to go and do like no one else. The hardest part is the budget, so I'm going to endeavor to share low or no cost adventures in a variety of cities.

Want to come along? Great! Meet us here every Friday! My friends and I will be sharing our adventures here. Have a low cost adventure in your favorite city to share? Contact me (via the tab above) with your idea, and we'd love to host you! I'm always looking for guest authors. Please submit your idea for a, yet unpublished, piece, and I will get the details to you about scheduling.

Finally, we on the last Friday of each month, we will host a link up. You can share any blog post you've written about a field trip in  the past year. I only ask:

  • That it be low or no cost, and homeschool family friendly.
  • That you include the community graphic (Adventure Fridays Button seen on the right) in your post.
  • And that you title your link with the City/Region name so we can quickly find your post when we want to visit that place!

First stop, Portland! Thanks to my friend, Gwen. See you there next week!

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