Monday, April 29, 2013

G is for Graduations

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This photo is a treasure to me. When I graduated with my associates degree, my grandfather was able to present me with my diploma. He had been a professor at that same school years before, and they invited him to do the honors. It was a special day.

I have my associates degree in business and accounting. When I attended my Doula training in Philadelphia, they asked what my major was. . . The response: "You were really running from this calling weren't you?!" :)

If I went back to school now, I don't know if I'd go for elementary ed. for teaching my kids, nursing for more Doula knowledge, or finish my business degree. Even so, I'm sure I've learned more in life than I ever did in school.

My, then-fiancee / now-husband, took this photo:

Grandpa Virgil, me, and Grandma Bettie

Over the next several weeks we have many graduation related events to attend. There will be a pinning ceremony, several graduations, and receptions. Nearly two or three every weekend. My head is spinning. I've been surfing pinterest to find grad gift ideas. The year I graduated from college, a family from our church gave me a copy of Stepping Heavenward by E. PRENTISS. It is a fictional diary of a young girl all through her life as she grows in the knowledge of the Lord. This book was a complete hit with me, and spoke into my life in so many ways. It has become my go-to grad gift for girls. I'm still looking for a good gift book for boys, so it may hay have to be gift cards for now. :)

So what is your favorite grad gift to give?

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