Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Home-Made Laundry Soap

My friend Rita shared her recipe with me for dry laundry detergent.

shred the soap and mix everything up in a food processor. I mixed up a batch this week, and it works great (even in my front loader, 1-2Tbs per load). Thanks Rita!

I tried it as a liquid recipe too, and it didn't turn out very well. My sister tells me it's the Zote bar soap that I used is the problem. She made it with ivory soap, (minus the oxy and baking soda) and says it is wonderful. Since she lives in the Alaskan bush, it is much easier for her to get the ingredients to make her own than to pay the price of shipping in liquid detergent. Thanks Michelle! <3

time to take down the laundry?

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  1. Interesting and resourceful. I'm curious if you calculated the cost/benefit of the project? Does this make sense (cents!)? Or is it just nice to be in control of what you use?

    1. I can't remember exactly, but all the ingredients cost roughly about $15 to purchase. I could easily make 4 or more batches out of it. Each batch is roughly 144 Tbs. so it works out to less than 2.7 cents per Tbs. or per load. 5.4 cents for a heavy load (2 Tbs.). The Era I usually buy is about $8 for 96 loads or 8.3 cents per load. That's up to a 66% savings. :)


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