Wednesday, May 16, 2012

"Senior" Prom

When I moved to this area 14 years ago, one main reason I came here was to get to know my grandparents better. Both of my folks were from this area, and both of their parents were here close by. So, I lived with mom's parents while I went to college the first year. Then I got a house of my own, until I married Ben soon after graduation. But even though I was now enjoying a family of my own, I still really enjoyed being involved with my grandparents several days a week... something I only dreamed of while growing up.

Grandma B and me
Shortly after our first son was born, mom's folks moved to the assisted living, and a whole new role in my life began. Advocating for the health and well being of an elderly family member is a whole new world of complicated issues, financial choices, and medical perils. Grandma E referred to me as her doula. That made my heart happy. 

I now know much more about congestive heart issues, joint replacements (hips and knees), Parkinson's disease, blood pressure, depression, and Alzheimer's than  I had ever deemed possible. I also know that involved families and loving caregivers can make ALL the difference in the world. 

Mom's folks knew and loved on my children until their passing in 2003 and 2009. Ben's Great-Grandmother turned 100 this year, and he also has one grandma and one grandpa living. We are SO blessed! 

Prov. 16:31 "Gray hair is a crown of glory;
    it is gained in a righteous life."

My dad's parents moved here in 2006 and we have enjoyed them just as thoroughly. When my dad's father passed away in 2011, I was left with only one grandma of my own to love and cherish, and we certainly do! 

This week was the Senior Prom at the facility where she lives. Grandma B has been campaigning since last prom... that she might be voted the queen of this year's prom. After being resident of the month in February, she was certain she had cinched the deal. And she did! It was a wonderful evening of food and dancing (Yes, she got me to dance with her!), and Grandma B was the "Belle of the Ball"!

being crowned

King and Queen of the Prom!

the kids LOVED her cape and crown

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  1. So cute!! Yay for your Grandma being Queen!!! You are doing an amazing job caring for your grandparents... which I know, because I had the privilege of observing when I came out to visit last July. :)


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