Friday, April 20, 2012

Counting my Blessings

This year I am attempting to live a more grateful life. Attempting is the right word, because I know by default my heart is desperately wicked, selfish even, by nature. I want others to be impressed by me, to be drawn to my life, to care about MY needs... See how self centered? So easy to be that way... but when I am still and view myself as God does, the grace that fills my soul, the wretch that I know I am in comparison to such glory. I say that, not to be self deprecating, but in a voice of awe, that He wanted me. Redeemed me. Forgives my daily stumbles. Blesses me even. So with His help I want to look at life with new perspective. Living fully where I am. Noticing the blessings, seeing the opportunities to glorify Him. Bear with me, as I strive, in my simple-minded way, to recognize each gift I have been given... and to share them.

first tooth out! #55

rhubarb #56

my silly guineas #57-58

potatoes sprouting #59

chokecherry blossoms didn't freeze #60
currants blooming #61

hubby home today
beautiful weather
grace that is greater
church family gathering to love on those who have lost
the incredible compassion of our elder church members
moms joining around a grieving mother
daisies on my table
naptime snuggles
sisterly conversation
reminders all around 
daily audio Bible

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