Friday, April 27, 2012

School endings and beginnings

Yesterday was our last day of the 2011-2012 School Year!
Our school assignment charts paid off and the kids snowballed their assignments as we got closer to the end, so we actually finished a few days early. To celebrate, very soon we are going to take them out to Pizza Hut to use their Book-It coupons, and a "class" bowling party. (i.e. our whole family) :)

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With the school year wrapping up, I am excited to start thinking about the 4-H fun we will have this summer, and begin collecting my curriculum for this fall. Since the state requires my paperwork be in by mid-July, I realize that getting started at the end of the school year is the best time to organize, especially since what does or does not work is still fresh in my mind. 

I've come to the conclusion that my switch to Spectrum Spelling was a good move. I'm also needing to find a new science curriculum. Saxon Math (for Tyler in 4th) was no match for Modern Curriculum Press (for Emma in 3rd). I believe Emma is now more advanced in her math than Tyler, which is crazy since he's always been easier with that subject. So much for my belief that Saxon is ALWAYS the best. Although, I do love their Algebra.

In my quest for more curriculum, I held an Usborne Book Party, and am SO glad I did. It paid off very well and I was able to get all of these books for only about $85 (mostly that was the sales-tax and shipping, since many of them were free!) I highly recommend Angela, even though she didn't live near me, she gave my party super support and it was a total success. Give her a call (or a fb message)!

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