Friday, March 6, 2015

Fun peek at Co-op, challenges and blessings Pt. #3

Our homeschool co-op has been rolling along, and 3 of the 7 weeks are behind us. We are finding there are certain challenges to face, and lots of fun to be had. There is must be a real choice to serve others to be involved in a co-op... as there will always be those extra miles to walk. See here for the first part of this post. Read here for part two. The conclusion is below:

Co-op Challenge #3: Needing time to grow as moms and teachers, but everyone is already too busy teaching!

If the moms in our co-op are anything like me, this homeschool social opportunity isn't just for the kids. We often talk about wanting a few mom classes too,  but we are all teaching at various times, and rarely more than 3 or 4 of us are free to meet in the hall. We recognize that the camaraderie of homeschooling can be a great encouragement, but we're not sure how to tap into it when we are scattered in "the trenches" of the battlefield. 


This semester we have tapped a few veteran homeschool moms to join us. They are moms who are ahead in the game, and some have even graduated all of their students. We set up a corner of the study hall area, with chocolate and flowers and a candle. We buy their lunch, and introduce them at opening exercises as tho they were celebrities. Then throughout the day any teaching mom who finds a free moment can stop in there and catch a few words of wisdom and encouragement, or just pray with a woman whose heart has been there. It's been a great success so far, and we hope to keep it up!

Do you have a co-op? Have you resolved some challenges? I'd love to hear what you have been dealing with too. Please share in the comments!

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