Monday, March 2, 2015

Fun peek at Co-op, challenges and blessings Pt. #1

Our homeschool co-op has been rolling along, and 3 of the 7 weeks are behind us. We are finding there are certain challenges to face, and lots of fun to be had. There is must be a real choice to serve others to be involved in a co-op... as there will always be those extra miles to walk.

Challenge #1: sharing the work
Whether it is a child who comes down sick at the last moment, a forgetful mommy, or a general lack of commitment (among homeschoolers? What?!?!), it seems we often have missing families during co-op. Because a co-op is exactly that: "an act or instance of working or acting together for a common purpose or benefit", we had divided all the "chores" of cleaning the  building, packing up the supplies, and tearing down the tables. Each family has one small part (to be specific, with 36 families... about 1/36th) of the clean up job assigned. Even our leadership team has chores. But when 5 families are missing then the 5 leadership families have double chores on top of the leadership responsibilities. This is compounded when a family who is present leaves without doing their "chore". We have had a some surprises, though. One of our private lesson teachers (a sweet young adult lady) has been adopting an unclaimed chore each week before she leaves the building. These little blessings make us encouraged.

How will we resolve it?

Next semester I think we might divide the chore cards about 30 ways, and leave 6 wild cards that say: "Pick up an absent family chore card, and pray for them as you complete their job(s)".  I pray that as we focus on loving those we serve, we will become the hands and feet of Christ. This is why we endeavored to start a Christian Co-op in the first place, right?

Join me on Wed. and Fri. for parts #2 and #3 of this series!

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