Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Sniffles and Stuff

This past week we've had a bit of the crud. I was sad to miss my book study, but we stayed home so as not to share the yukkies. On Monday Emma had a head cold and Mayda had the stomach bug. I always keep everyone home 24 hours after they are better, to keep the germs from spreading. Plus, I don't want them to catch anything else while their immune systems are down.

What does your family do when they are sick? We have a few favorite go-to tricks. We love Emergen-C packets, and use them daily during cold season. My girls like the citrus flavored ones in hot water with a little honey.

Also, when the sniffles hit, I only buy tissues with lotion. Although for the worst drippy nose, nothing is more soothing than an old fashioned handkerchief. :) Another favorite tip, is to rinse your sinuses with salt water. My friend Nicki suggested this, and my friend Brooke reminded me of it. I didn't like the idea of it at first, but they talked me into it, and I'm sold.

I'm amazed how much less frequently my colds become sinus infections, and how quickly they pass by. There is no cure for the common cold, but this sure helps! Be sure to read this very important safety information from the FDA before putting anything up your nose. :) And of course, sharing my experiences should never replace medical advice, so run any treatments by your health care provider before trying them. My mom is a nurse, and it's handy to have her on speed dial.

Very simply, I boil a mug of water and add  1/2 tsp of salt (kosher). Let it cool until room temp, and use a bulb syringe to irrigate my sinuses while leaning over the sink. I do both sides twice, then gargle with any remaining salt water. Then blow my nose thoroughly  Be sure to use distilled water, and to thoroughly boil it. Also, be sure to sterilize your mug and syringe in boiling water as well.

If you're a research buff like me, these studies will encourage you to try it:

So, what are your favorite home remedies? Leave me a comment! I'd love to add your tip to my bag-o-tricks. :)

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