Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Day 2: Recipe for Learning (5 Days of Teaching Creatively)

Cooking with Kids: a Recipe for Success

Homeschooling happens in our dining room... most of the time. Sometimes it happens in the kitchen! I love having my kids help in the kitchen. It's so much more than just a mess.

It's where we do MATH:
  • Comparing fractions on teaspoons and measuring cups.
  • Doubling a recipe properly
  • How many servings?
  • Comparing ounces by liquid and weight
  • Conversions to Metric
  • Some of my recipes are from our cultural heritage, like Cabbage Burgers.
  • I have recipes books from both of my grandmas. 
  • We have fun recipe books from civil war camps, frontier settlers, and more.
  • The amazing reaction of baking soda to vinegar!
  • The different forms of leavening and their best uses.
  • What wonders you can do with a properly whipped egg or eggwhite.
  • Zoology: growing yeast, or making yogurt. Live active cultures!
  • Biology: Oh the meat we've dissected!
  • Nutrition of course. :)
  • Not to mention all the bacteria you are trying not to grow.

So get your kids in the kitchen, and be sure you take notes, take pictures, and someone ought to do an oral presentation while you wait for the oven timer. :)

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  1. You're so right...kitchen science is a balance of what you're trying to grow and NOT grow. Great post.


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