Monday, December 23, 2013

Christmas Report Pt. 5

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Ben's Cowboy Poetry Corner:
The yearly letter. Can't say I remember sitting down to write one of these.
This year was a long yet short year, as they all are, kids growin like weeds,
weeds to pull, lawn to mow, wood to cut, and engines to pull.
Buryin minivans, savin chevettes, fixin suburbs while fightin off tourettes!*%#
Goin campin, shootin some deer, boy am I glad my wife is still here!
She holds me and hugs me, puts up with my beard, loves me and kisses me even when I'm wierd.
I'm blessed much more than many can say, although sometimes I grumble anyway.
God help me be thankful this coming year, and to all, MERRY CHRISTMAS! and a happy new year!  

Blessings to All
Ben & Laura Leggott
Tyler, Emma, Mayda & Wyatt

Jessica King

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