Friday, December 20, 2013

Christmas Report Pt. 2

Part 1 HERE

Tyler reporting on sports:
This year Wyatt played t-ball and got a medal. It was his first year and he played for the Gering McDonald's A's with green jerseys. Mayda played softball for the Bytes Computer Repair team. The girls called their team "lightning" and had black t-shirts. One of her games was actually snowed out. Emma wore an orange jersey and played for the U-Save Pharmacy team. Her team took 1st for league games and 3rd for their league championship. I had a red t-shirt and played for the Doc-U-Shred Braves. We traveled to Scottsbluff and Bayard and took 3rd in the league Championship. I learned how to conquer my fears and swing at the ball instead of worrying about getting hurt. Towards the end of the s
eason I hit many balls. One fun fact was that most of our coaches knew our dad, since they played baseball together when they were kids. We really liked playing ball in Gering this year.

Emma giving the County Fair report:
This spring we ordered in 10 cornish cross chicks. They were my own special project. We lost one chicken, but the rest lived. I picked the biggest one to show and won grand champion. Tyler got third place. Mayda showed her cat and Wyatt watched. It was so much fun! The fair had lots of games. One game was a jar that had water in it and at the bottom of the jar was a cup. You had to drop a coin into it, and if you got the coin to go into the cup, then you won some candy. We had lots of fun!

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