Sunday, December 22, 2013

Christmas Report Pt. 4

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Wyatt giving the Christmas Report: Christmas is all about Jesus's birthday and it's all about giving too. At Awana I helped wrap Christmas Shoeboxes to send all around the world. Yesterday I went Christmas shopping. I helped make some ornaments at the Scottsbluff National Monument. My favorite part about Christmas is that giving is better than receiving. I hope that everybody had a great holiday.

Mayda, giving the barn report: This year our new calico kitty, Sophia, joined our family in February. She had 3 kittens in May and 4 kittens in September. Fluffy is is two years old now; she is a very fluffy calico. I took her to the county fair and she got a green ribbon. She had two litters of kittens also, one with 4, and one with 5 kittens. We still have 3 kittens from all of those litters: Lioness is gray, Flakes is black with white frost, and Hampster is a long haired calico. Our dog, Buck, is 4 years old. He got a his hair cut in the summer, but now he has a thick coat. He greets our guests. He is very very snuggly. In the spring I convinced my mom to buy two new chickens, a black cochin bantam and a sicilian buttercup. They were very good to show at the fair. Emma still has her pet rabbit, Dan, but she sold her other 3 rabbits. Dan is 3 years old. My favorite thing about living on the farm is that we love to raise animals.

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