Thursday, June 27, 2013

Using my smartphone to get smart on groceries!

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I'd been using the Endorse app on my phone for quite a while. Sadly this week they discontinued it's service. Over the 2 years, I'd earned over $200, so I was sad to see it go. So I switched to a new app or two and have been loving it! Here's the low down on what I've learned (so far) on using apps to save money while shopping:

iBotta - This app works on any smartphone, and is a digital coupon type app, but has high value bonuses for sharing the app with others. It also offers store-specific coupons, and at times extra bonuses for using them. (like this week there's about an extra $3 you can earn for using certain Target coupons through the app). These are not coupons that come off of your total at the register, but more like refunds you get after submitting your receipt. Be sure to use the checklist in the store, and verify the barcode of items you buy before you buy them.. just to be sure you matched it right. It's very easy. I earned $23 the first week of use, and it was sent right to my paypal account.

Shopkick - I'm still new to this one, but you collect points in the form of "kicks" by shopping in certain stores and for certain products. the "kicks" can be turned in for gift cards and rewards. You can earn the "kicks" pretty quickly in chunks of 2,500 or more depending on what you are doing, like referring friends. This one requires your phone location info, so that's why I haven't used it much. I don't prefer to leave my GPS on, as it eats my battery. Thankfully I do have unlimited data.

Safeway - I LOVE this app. If you have a local Safeway or affiliate, this one connects to your store card and lets you load coupons for use in the store. It gets even better if you have a matching paper copy of a manufacturer coupon. I love the "Personal Deals" If you don't have a smartphone to add the app, you can still add the coupons onto your card via the website. I typically save 30% to 50% off of my groceries with this app alone!

So, what do you use to save money? I'd love to know; Leave me a comment!

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