Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday Thoughts and Some Freebies

As I've delved in to the world of curriculum reviews for the Review Crew, I've learned so much about blogging. These gals have taught me how to fix up my blog, create fun button codes, and use new programs like hootsuite and networked blogs. I'm VERY excited as we are reviewing new products and will be publishing my first major reviews in the next few weeks.

I've also been stretched to blog more frequently, and to connect with other bloggers. I've noticed that I'm getting more adventurous with my writing, and in fact, I've put in for a few guest posts. (One goes live Valentine's Day, so be watching!) I'm super excited to write more, and I hope it will benefit my family as much as it did when I blogged more often in the past... helping chronicle our life, and to connect with others. I'll never forget the year when all I did was pretty much print up my blog and put it in a scrapbook! That year's family album had the most meaningful journaling of any year I had done.

But I want my friends here to keep me accountable. I don't want to just write to fill up space. I want to write to fill up hearts, to chronicle blessings, to heal hurts, and most importantly: to glorify God. I want these words to have meaning. They don't have to be amazing blog posts, but I want to write things that matter. Reviews of products people actually use, stories about lessons our family is learning, Scripture that speaks to my heart, photos that are moments of amazing beauty, and food that fills your stomach and warms your heart. Remind me of that, should I ever forget. In my surfing to connect with other bloggers, I've come across more than one burnt out blog. I never want to end this with  "I have nothing more to write." If this blog ever comes to an end, I want my lingering post to be "moved to a real, paper journal." :) But for now, I'm happy to share.

In the mean time, and on a lighter note, I'm discovering that homeschool curriculum isn't the only thing my friends are trying out and reviewing. From books to toys, to everything in between, mom bloggers are sharing their thoughts on all these things, and often give away the item when they're done.  Just in case you haven't discovered it yet, I wanted to draw your attention to a fun place to find great freebies and giveaways. Just click the button below and like the page!
Homeschool Giveaway Share

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