Monday, January 28, 2013

Ice Fishing, a fun winter outing

A stretch of sub-zero temps transformed our local waters into a sea of glass. Now, a few milder days meant our children were able to experience a true miracle: walking on water!

Fun Facts:

  • Two inches of ice will generally support one adult of average size - on foot. Three inches of ice will support a small group of people, providing they walk single file and remain well spaced. Ice over twelve inches thick will usually support the weight of a car. (reference, and lots of other great facts)
  • The ice we were on was 8-10 inches thick, but we let our friend who was guiding, check that first before we ventured out.
  • The kids discovered that the fish hang around close to the bottom.
  • Everyone who was fishing caught several bluegills. 
  • Here is a page full of Ice Fishing themed MATH!
  • One of us asked how there can be enough oxygen in the water for the fish, if the surface is frozen and the water isn't moving. I found the answer here: "... algae continue to photosynthesize and produce oxygen as long as there is enough light, so oxygen is being created as it is being consumed." 
  • This was a fun way to add to some of the concepts we are currently studying in our Apologia Science.

This lake came with a bonus: an outhouse with a "skylight" lol!

Bonus YouTube:

We discovered this fun ice fishing video to watch after we got home. The kids were just amazed at this, especially after we spent a day on top of the lake. When you get to the end, you'll figure out what's going on:

Some under ice views from beautiful lake Saarijärvi in Vaala, Finland

Video Credits: 
Fisherman: Eelis Rankka
Fisherman's friend: Tommi Salminen
Boy with the balloon: Jukka Pelttari
Camera and editing: Juuso Mettälä
Manuscript by Juuso Mettälä and Eelis Rankka
Safety divers: Esa Vuoppola and Juhana Heino
Music: Stefano Mocini: The end of the doubs

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  1. LOVE your post! One of my favorite childhood memories is walking across the Missouri River!!!
    What a great memory for your kids! Mine would LOVE that!

  2. wow, so amazing. ice fishing looks so much fun. really a nice post. a nice place to go for fishing with family. Fishing In Dubai


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