Friday, January 18, 2013

40 is the Sweetest Number

My dear sweet Love turns 40 today. He didn't want anyone to know it was his birthday, OOPS! Well, now you all know, so I may as well share with you:

40 Reasons I Love My Husband:

  1. He's mine.
  2. He belongs to Jesus too.
  3. He's completely committed to our family, and to me.
  4. He's not perfect.
  5. He's ok with the fact that I'm not perfect either.
  6. He's handsome.
  7. He loves God, and all that God made.
  8. His eyes. 
  9. He's a good provider.
  10. He's strong.
  11. He will watch a sappy movie with me.
  12. He doesn't back down about his convictions.
  13. He encourages me to homeschool.
  14. He was homeschooled too.
  15. He is good at his hobbies, like hunting, and brings home the meat.
  16. He's not squeamish, like when his wife says, "Hey, lets butcher 110 chickens this year!"
  17. He takes his girls on dates.
  18. He takes his boys hunting.
  19. He loved me when I was down.
  20. He's ok when the plan changes.
  21. He loves camping and campfires as much as I do.
  22. He's taller than me. 
  23. He's a good listener.
  24. He likes to go on dates with me.
  25. He's a good bowler.
  26. He loves living here as much as I do.
  27. He loves my family, and my grandparents.
  28. He finally got a facebook.
  29. He's an AWESOME singer.
  30. He likes my cooking
  31. He's a good driver, even on bad roads.
  32. He's a good kisser. (not that anyone else will ever know)
  33. He's a good friend.
  34. He's smart.
  35. He's supportive of my crazy obsessions.
  36. He's a good cook.
  37. He's likes to smoke meat, and makes the best jerky.
  38. Thanks to him, our kids are REALLY adorable.
  39. He waited for me.
  40. While I've only gotten the last 13 years of this 40, I get to look forward to ALL of the next 40.

Love you Babe!

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