Wednesday, November 28, 2012

100 Blog Posts

It's an exciting day! Wyatt counted to 100 for the first time last weekend!
My sweet kindergartner learned it just in time, because:

This is my 100th Blog Post!

(on this blog anyway)
It's a great place to announce that I will be joining the This Old Schoolhouse Review Crew. For those who don't know what that is, it is a group of blogging families who will be trying out new and exciting homeschool products and curriculum, and writing reviews about it. That's right, I will be offering up my very own children as guinea pigs to make sure curriculum is safe and enjoyable for you. *dramatic gasp* Actually, we are all super excited to try out new things. Up until now, my ability to dabble in new curriculum has been limited to what my friends will loan/give me, or what has been donated to our local homeschool group lending library. Some of our schoolbooks were printed in the 1960's and 70's... So this is HUGE! We love homeschooling, and we have always been very "eclectic" in our curriculum, so this is a perfect fit for us.

I will not be paid for my reviews, as they will be unbiased and fair, so I will get lots of lovely things to sample. I couldn't be more excited about this, and to take my friends with me. Yes, YOU!

So, knowing there will be LOTS of homeschooling related posts coming up (and don't worry, blessings posts, Farm Life, DIY's ,and recipes won't stop), I created a facebook page for my blog. So be sure to pop over and like:


  1. Awesome:) Hope you enjoy the crew too:)
    Lizzie TOS Crew

    **Happy 100th post by the way:)

  2. Welcome to the crew! And congratulations on 100 posts (on this blog ) I hope that you feel as blessed by the crew as I have been!


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