Friday, September 13, 2013

A paraphrase:

I recently memorized 2 Peter 1:2-9, and I'll admit it's getting harder to memorize Scripture at my age. I have to work hard for it, but it's so worth it. Studying a piece and analyzing it helps immensely. My Bible Knowledge Commentary was indispensable for this. I wrote the passage in my journal, and then re-wrote a paraphrase. That helped too. I love the way Scripture impacts my heart when I take the time to hide it there.

Here's the whole passage. Here's my paraphrase:

Through the generosity of the Glory and Excellence of Christ (in God) we are given the valuable gift of a NEW and Divine nature, to replace our natural and worldly nature (lust of the flesh). For this reason, our Faith blooms into a symphony, rising in crescendo with each added strain. We practice this music with diligence, for it is a worthwhile song. 

Supply abundantly to this chorus:
Moral Excellence 
Self Control
Brotherly Kindness
and Love

If, consequently, your song is loud and rising, you will have no trouble being effective and fruitful in your life of knowing Christ fully. Without this music in your life, you are stumbling in the dark, as though you had never been saved at all. 

Have you really embraced your new nature?


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