Monday, May 5, 2014

Lost in learning...

(written several weeks back and finally posting, that crazy here...)

In the past few weeks I've been learning a lot. Learning so much I haven't had time to share. I am so thankful to the Lord for putting people in my life who grow and stretch me in so many ways. I often have a deep thought (yes, at times) and think to myself, "Wow, I should explore that further in a blog post!" But time gets away from me and the next big lesson wipes me clean. So much is going on around here I rarely get time to sleep, let alone reflect for long. But today is different. I have a sinus infection. :P I'm stuck in a chair wearing a turtleneck, a jacket, and a blanket... and I'm shivering.  I'm coughing like mad and have been drinking LOTS of fluids. That makes this mother of 4 think that the next lesson might be about bladder control. (Sorry, tmi)

So I have a moment to reflect, finally! I didn't realize how short I had been cutting myself until last week. I was doing a crazy diet with my sister, that required me to cut my coffee intake. At 9 pm I found myself passed out sideways across my bed, drooling on my hubby's pillow. Thankfully my kids took that cue and bid me goodnight and went to bed. (Mommies of littles, hang in there, this moment is coming! - not that it happens often.)

So, what am I learning? I'll peel back the onion in the next few posts.  Starting with today:

Dry outer layer: body learning. I'm learning to be more traditional with my foods. I've been making Kombucha for months now, and my kids love when I flavor it with strawberries. I've even been caught handing off SCOBY jars to friends. (Leave a comment if you want to know more). This week a good friend brought me some milk kefir grains, so I spent this afternoon gleaning the wisdom of my younger sister, Mics, as to how I should prepare it. I had a small (given my cold, and the dairy) kefir/coffee shake today and it was really yummy. Further along my traditional foods journey, this winter completely depleted my stockpile of gallons of frozen home made broth (from our own chickens). Every sore throat was soothed and our round of influenza took half as long as the last go-round a few years back. So this morning the edict was issued that the 3 roosters waiting in the barn be butchered, and they are now in the fridge and the bones and such boiling away on my stove for some more healing broth. Tomorrow I intend to drink the entire canning pot if I'm no better than today.

-update- It didn't take the whole pot to get over my cold, so now I have broth in the freezer again. Between that and the salt sinus rinses, I am thrilled to say I beat the sinus infection without antibiotics... for the first time in a long time. I am so happy, since I didn't want to start over on all the pro biotic work I've been doing. Speaking of pro-biotics, I am having a great time with the kefir, and I have figured out how to make a really yummy herbed cheese spread with it. Now everyone is gobbling up pro biotic goodness as a chip dip or spread on crackers. I hope to post a recipe soon.

Next layer, personal discipline...

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