Saturday, February 15, 2014

Scrapbook Saturday, first edition...

I have quite a bit of journaling to catch up on from January. Even thought I wasn't blogging, we weren't sitting around! I'm going to try and write up a few memories every Saturday and catch up on that.

First up: New Years! 

We had a quiet New Years Eve at home since Ben had to work. The kids and I did the same thing as last year. We wrote a bunch of our favorite things to do (and our favorite snacks) on little slips of paper and then sealed them randomly into several envelopes, one for each hour until midnight. You never knew which one was next, or which snack would be coupled with it. For example: right after dinner was board games while eating crackers and cheese. Other snacks included:

lil smokies
chips and sodas
sparkling grape juice

Some of the activities we enjoyed were: flashlight safari, Just Dance marathon, board games, shooting fireworks (at midnight), skype with the east coast family (during their HUGE New Years party!) and watching a movie. It was a great time, and Ben got home just in time for the fireworks!

Happy New Year 2014!

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