Thursday, February 13, 2014


I thought that maybe taking a month off from blogging would leave me reloaded with so much more to say, but the opposite is true.

I am refreshed, but I don't feel that burning urge to write about every little thing as I had been. Even so, I also realized how much I appreciate my blog. I appreciate being able to find my favorite memories, recipes, photos, all captioned and organized. I recently sat down and read through Mayda's scrapbook, much of which is just printed up blog posts. I know this is worthwhile. I admit this is work. It's work to write out my thoughts. It's work to chronicle my life. And while I appreciate comments and readers... it's work that's worth doing, for myself. For my family, for my memories, for the health of my mind when I get it all processed out. And you? You all get to watch that unfold. Aren't you lucky? If you're still reading, after such a break. I'm the lucky one. Thanks for sticking around. :)


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