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Review: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder

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We had the joy of receiving a copy of the DVD Little House on the Prairie: The Legacy of Laura Ingalls Wilder from Legacy Documentaries. It is a wonderful video for all ages, although best enjoyed by kids old enough to enjoy the books, and sells for $24.95.

This is produced by Dean Butler:
". . . an actor and producer best known to audiences for his portrayal of Almanzo Wilder in the long running family drama, Little House On The Prairie. Little House has been called one of the finest family dramas in television history." ~from the website.

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At a little over an hour (75 minutes), it was an enjoyable ramble through a biography I thought I knew... but didn't! My younger kids lost interest quickly (ages 5 and 7), but my bigger kids were enthralled. We've read a good number of Wilder's books, and thought we knew all about her life through them. We were wrong.

This movie tells Laura's life as it really was. I had no idea she didn't start writing until she was much older. I also didn't know how many times she and Almanzo had moved around the country. When they couldn't afford to work their farm and raise their only daughter, they sent her to live with her Aunt Eliza. But when their daughter became a successful writer, she decided to "teach" her mother to write, as a means to earn an income.

The movie follows the ups and downs of the real Laura's life, and shows how she grew and developed to become the revolutionary writer that she was. It tells of how the Great Depression nearly killed her opportunity to get her first book published, and about how many times her manuscripts were rejected. She was determined and re-wrote them and tried again. She was brave and willing to blaze a new trail, on the prairie, and in the world of children's literature. I finished the movie in awe of this American icon.

One tid-bit I especially loved was that one of her earliest published pieces was on the topic of chickens. So wonderful! I always knew the other Laura had a heart like mine. :)

Emma finished the movie excited to get the rest of the way through the books. We had just been given several of them just a few weeks ago. The weekend following our watching this film, Emma had to create a decorated bicycle for our local parade. Is it any wonder that this is what she settled on?!

Bottom Line:
For anyone who is a fan of the Little House series on TV or in print, this film is a must watch. It was better than I had expected, and very enjoyable. The quality and music are top notch, and it is definitely worth owning. I am SO thankful we had the opportunity to review this DVD.

To read more reviews on this DVD and also on Almanzo Wilder: Life Before Laura, be sure to visit the Crew Blog:

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  1. So neat! We have read several of the books and I hope to read more this year for school. I might have to look into that tho! Sounds intriguing to me. I love biographies!
    Thanks for sharing! !

    1. I think you should come to my house and watch it. :)


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