Monday, August 26, 2013

Back to {Home} School Day

All across facebook there are pictures of kids with new backpacks and books waiting in the driveway for the bus. It's back-to-school season. And then there's us. We joke that we buy new PJ's when we go "school clothes" shopping. As we prepare to return to school next week, I realized we've got a few back-to-{home}school traditions too!

Over time, we have tried out several different school schedules. But the final and best has been our Labor Day to May Day schedule. Starting on Labor Day gives us a definite deadline, and since the banks and PO's are closed, what else were we going to do anyway?  :)

We usually start our first day with something unusual and yummy for breakfast. One year it was funnel cakes! Then we finish the day with some kinds of reward, like swimming at the lake! No matter how we change it up, we always get a great picture of everyone sitting at the table "doing school" on the very first day. These are my favorites:

Read everyone else's traditions by clicking the button below! (goes live Tues am)


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  1. Neat idea doing the different years! I wish I had something like that! :) Cass @

  2. I loved seeing the pictures over time. I love the idea of doing something special for breakfast and ending on a fun note.

    1. Thanks! I didn't realize I had a picture of every first day until I began this post! It's great!


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