Friday, March 14, 2014



I struggle so much these days with being 100% "with it." Take this week for example.

Work at the post office: get up early, wake the kids and get them started on their school day with daddy, then head to work to deliver the mail for my little village. With only two hours it is a struggle to get the mail sorted, the crisis dealt with (broken scanner! Eek!),  customers cheerfully greeted and served, and still lock up and get out of the office without going over my alotted number of hours. Reports and paperwork piling up on my desk, but I must clock out and hurry home because the morning is half gone and homeschooling awaits... Trying to give my job my 100% attention while I am in it. As I leave, I wonder, did I really listen to my neighbor lady as she told me about her woes? Should I have lingered a little longer while handing over her mail?

Get home and walk through the door. Greeted immediately with a pile of questions. "Can I do math after recess?" "Did I have to do this assignment?" "Did you notice Wyatt's eyes are red and itchy?"

I try and answer, to switch gears in my head. Looking over Wyatt's eyes, I call and check with the doctor's office. Pinkeye? Probably. Can I bring him in in an hour? Sure.

Sit down and try and get through a history lesson with everyone first. Bake some cabbage burgers so lunch can happen while I'm gone to the Dr. Be 100% here in the homeschool day. Be 100% here in my home life. Assess assignments, thank my hubby and sister for helping out. Find Wyatt's shoes and get off to the Dr.'s office.

Be there with him 100%. Play eye-spy while we wait for the doctor. Try and think of good questions to ask since he's not been in for a check up for a while.

Get the eydrops, get home, eat some late lunch. Phone call from my grandma. She's worried the weather (spring snow storm that day) will affect her dentist appointment tomorrow. Being 100% on the phone with her. Try and be sympathetic to her worries, without being frustrated since I know how hard it was to rearrange my work schedule to get the morning off to go to the dentist. Trying to be 100% focused on her needs. Try!

Off to bake granola at the coffee shop commercial kitchen I use. Be 100% on doing a great job making a great product that you are happy to sell in a local store. Bump into a friend there and take a moment to be 100% with her and appreciate her. As I leave I assess my 100%. Did I make myself enough of a help with the dishes and such to be invited back?

Home for supper and and evening with the kids, being 100% appreciative of my hubby and sister helping me get through a busier than normal day.  (What a blessing it has been that my sis is on spring break!!!) Snuggling the kids on the couch with devotions and prayer time, trying to listen 100% to their simple prayer requests: "that my kitties will do great!" (4 new kittens this week!)

Lord, I have invested my 100% about 1000 times today. Thank you that you keep filling up and filling up so I can pour out over and over. Help me to be 100% a vessel for you. Otherwise I feel so empty, so used up, so poured out and dried up.  Oh to be 100%...
In. Him. 100%

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  1. I know that feeling. Hang in there. And we need to talk kitties at some point this spring.

    1. Thank you! And yes, we do. Kitty-land gets complicated around here sometimes. :)


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