Sunday, December 9, 2012

Hanukkah Party

Today is the first day of Hanukkah. This is a new celebration for me. I had never really understood this special festival. I always assumed it was the Jewish equivalent of Christmas. I would try and explain the history of it, but I suggest that you pop over to the wiki and read up. Or you could have an awesome homeschool mom, like my friend Lyn, share the story with you. :)

In short, it is a celebration of the re-dedication of the Temple at Jerusalem, about 167 years before Christ. The lighting of the candles for 8 days is to remind the Israelites of the miracle that the last jar of oil found in the ruins, when the lamps were lit, lasted for 8 days. This was the amount of time for new oil to be pressed and prepared, but truly a miracle. I see Hanukkah as a special national day for the Israelites, much as Thanksgiving is to us as Americans, a day to give thanks for what God has done. Whether or not Jesus celebrated the day is much debated, but it was being celebrated in His time (John 10:22).

I was so thankful for Lyn sharing with us her family's special traditions, and even singing a Hebrew blessing for us as she lit the candles. Then we all played games and celebrated while the candles burned. I even got to try out making a special Challah shaped like the Star of David. I think I'll be making more Challah soon. It was a special afternoon, and a great cultural treasure for our family.

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  1. Good stuff. I know very little of the history of the silent years before Christ's coming. This had to be a great time for all of you. Thanks for sharing your excellent pictures, too.


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